The Nehra-Savent Foundation


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The Nehra-Savent Foundation (NSF) is a not-for-profit organization focused on providing health and education assistance to rural communities. 

Small farmers across the globe toil their lands daily to feed, clothe, and fuel the world’s urban populations.  Our mission is to aid and quietly empower neglected rural communities, while respecting their traditions and beliefs. 

NSF is the brainchild of a  once medical student, now MD, who was born in the farmlands of India, but raised in the western world.  Her belief in the power of small, positive acts of service combined with unwavering support from family and friends resulted in the formation of the NSF in 2009.  The name of the foundation honors her grandparents; Nehra is the surname of her paternal grandparents and Savent is  the surname of her maternal grandparents.

As a foundation we  have successfully developed a make-shift family clinic in the north Indian state of Haryana, providing  free, accessible, and appropriate basic healthcare to several village communities . We are now working toward designing a permanent clinic staffed by volunteers and students.

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